Affiliate Policy

Effective date: November 24, 2020

About BeauLaz trading as Bstronger2gether

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The Affiliate Program

Pricing of BeauLaz Trading as Bstronger2gether programs starts at £ 297. General affiliate commission is 12% (CPS) over the whole order and does not apply any potential sales tax. Sales become definite (locking period) 30 days after the start of the program to which the affiliate commission applies.

Payments are made once a month via PayPal. The affiliate is responsible for the cost of receiving payments on PayPal.

General Affiliate Policy





Cookie duration

30 days

Locking period

30 days after the start of the program to which the affiliate commission applies.




Base commission is 12%. Applies to the whole order and does NOT apply to sales tax.

Search Campaigns – Protected SEM Bidding Keywords

Publishers cannot bid directly on our trademarks, misspellings of our trademarks, or any variation of our trademarks in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine.

Negative Matching for Protected Keywords 


Search Campaigns – Prohibited SEM Display URL Content

Publishers cannot use our display URL or direct link on any keyword in traditional paid search.

Search Campaigns – Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content

Do not make guarantees or claims which are not supported by the website. Do not promote discounts for amounts/offers not provided through the affiliate program or by the merchant directly.

Search Campaigns – Direct Linking

Not allowed

Search Campaigns - Special Instructions for Search Marketing Publishers

Affiliates may not bid on BeauLaz Trading or Bstronger2gether, any variations of, or any other BeauLaz or Bstronger2gether trademarks, misspellings or variations through Google Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft Ad Center (Bing) or any other search engine. The combination of trademark plus keyword bidding is also not acceptable.

Affiliates may not direct link to using Google Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft Ad Center (Bing) or any other search engine. All SEM ads placed on these networks are required to land on the publisher´s website (no redirects). Affiliates may not place ads and direct link on Google Display Network; this includes text, image, video and media rich ads. Affiliates can use Google Display Network if landing traffic on their website first.

Web Site - Prohibited Web Site Domain Keywords

Affiliates may not register or purchase domain names including BeauLaz or Bstronger2gether or any misspellings or variations. Affiliates promoting BeauLaz Trading as Bstronger2gether in this manner will be removed from the Bstronger2gether Affiliate Marketing Program and all associated transactions will be reversed.

Web Site - Prohibited Web Site URL Keywords

BeauLaz or Bstronger2gether,, or BeauLaz  and Bstronger2gether in combination with any other domain extension.

Web Site - Prohibited Web Site Content 

Any content that is illegal, obscene, pornographic, shows inappropriate nudity, indecent, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, promotes racism, sexism, inequality, hatred, or any content deemed offensive by BeauLaz Trading as Bstronger2gether; is misleading or spreads fake news; uses unethical marketing methods; infringes on any intellectual property rights or is otherwise in violation of any copyright or trademark law; in violation of any right of privacy; that promotes harmful, unlawful, seditious, or criminal activity; that could give rise to civil or criminal liability; that contains viruses, worms, Trojan Horse or other harmful files.

Web Site - Unacceptable Web Sites 

Any website that contains any prohibited website content. Any website that impersonates the merchant or any person or entity, other than the publisher.

Web Site - Use of Logos and Trademarks in Web sites

Only use logos provided through the Bstronger2gether Affiliate Marketing Program  interface.


Not allowed



Allowed - Prior permission must be given. Mail to [email protected]. Allow 2 working days to receive an answer.

(The development of browser extensions for consumers by publishers, that display alerts via toolbar or popups, and may (depending on the distribution model) provide a link for the consumer to click, or redirects the browser through affiliate links when visiting a site where affiliate offers are available.)

Not allowed.


Not allowed.

Social Media


Allowed – Affiliates may not present themselves as the merchant or impersonate the merchant or its employees in any way

Social Media Advertising

Allowed – Affiliates may not direct link to in Facebook or Instagram Advertising or any other form of Social Media Advertising. All Social Media ads are required to land on the publisher´s website (no redirects) or social media.

Coupons and Promotional Codes

Publishers may use any coupons or promotional codes that are provided through the affiliate program or otherwise available to the public.

Miscellaneous - Special Instructions

Application Process: By submitting an application for the Bstronger2gether Affiliate Marketing Program, you represent, warrant, covenant and agree that (i) all information that you provide to us in connection with your application is true, complete and accurate, (ii) you have all necessary rights and authority to enter into this agreement and perform your obligations hereunder, (iii) this agreement will constitute a legal, binding and enforceable agreement against you in accordance with the terms and conditions herein, and (iv) your execution and performance hereunder will not conflict with or result in a breach or violation of any other agreement, arrangement or understanding to which you are bound

Links: Once you have been notified that your application has been accepted into the program you agree to use BeauLaz Trading as Bstronger2gether links solely to direct end users to or any pages on those websites.

Brand Representation: Affiliate’s ad copy cannot contain misspellings, incorrect grammar or false or misleading statements regarding discounts or coupons. It is the Affiliate’s responsibility to expire deals, promotions & offers in accordance with any date restrictions on BeauLaz Trading as Bstronger2gether´s ad campaigns. Ad copy should always represent BeauLaz Trading as Bstronger2gether in a professional and on brand manner. Claims such as ‘authorized wholesaler’ or ‘official site’ can never be used in ad copy. Affiliates cannot create BeauLaz Trading as Bstronger2gether branded social media accounts.

Affiliates agree to not include BeauLaz Trading as Bstronger2gether branding, logos or links on unacceptable websites as described in this policy.

Affiliates found in violation are subject to immediate removal from the program and reversal of commissions of all related transactions. In case of a dispute the legal jurisdiction is the United Kingdom.



Contact Us

In case of questions, please contact Affiliate Support at [email protected].