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The Restart Of Any Salon Or Aesthetic Clinic Owner's Dreams

Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Emotions


Empower yourself and gain a whole new perspective on running your business.

Most people plateau because they hold themselves back.
Their true potential is not reached because of negative beliefs…, emotions… and insecurities.

Maybe you…

Feel as if you don’t know enough


Struggle when a customer complains


Believe you aren’t good enough


Or generally feel insecure as a business owner and your accomplishments. 
All these and more are just a few of the limiting beliefs you may experience.
Fortunately, we’re about to change all that. It’s why I created this program, so you as a salon owner can break through any emotional barrier.
So, take a deep breath and read on.
My name is Manroop Ahitan, the founder of Colaz Franchising Ltd.
I have more than fifteen years of experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry. The result? I turned one clinic into a group of nine independent franchises. All 100% self-sustaining and operational. And we’re still growing.
That’s a claim very few salon-owners can make. The truth is, my practical systems and methodologies lead to genuine results.
Lessons – which lets you run a business instead of working in it. Suffice to say, sticking to them gave me many opportunities.
You’ll be surprised to learn that next to being a business owner I… 
  • Learned Reiki healing
  • Became a trained nurse
  • Started working part-time in the NHS Accidents & Emergencies department
  • Learned to be a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Discovered Ho’oponopono- The Art of Forgiveness
  • Became a certified spiritual practitioner
  • And became a yoga teacher
Not to mention, I’m married and have kids too!

To emphasize, I would not have been able to do this without a proven business approach.
That’s why I’m inviting you to learn how to run a business – and to learn from my lessons.

You too can be successful,

AND do all the other things that you are passionate about!

Spend more time with your friends and family, a skill you’ve always wanted to learn. Or just to not be overworked.
But first… it hasn’t always been easy. Like you, I worked in the business for 10 hours a day, sometimes longer. I juggled almost every role, from accounting to sales. And everything else.
Even after giving birth, I had to get back to doing business as soon as possible. Sales plummeted, and I was only off for two weeks.
Obviously, at one point it all became too much… This wasn’t what I signed up for.
Why settle for working myself to death, when I could at least try to change…
To be perfectly honest, I had my doubts too. Yet, could I afford not to?
So, my husband and I got together to create a plan – a mission to systemize my business – to make it run without me.
One thing is for sure, our research paid off. Once the first clinic was fully operational, we expanded rapidly.
I dug deep into what makes people perform – or rather – underperform. And that’s when I got introduced to Neurolinguistic Programming.
Through my spiritual practice and the art of forgiveness I discovered to create harmony. Between work, and life. It taught me how to heal from insecurities. And to stop feeling unworthy of my own success.
Maybe you can relate to that gnawing feeling of ‘being found out’, that you’re fake and not as good as you seem to be. That all the success you’ve built will come crashing down eventually.
Overcoming these, and many other obstacles taught me the following.

I learned how to lead myself and others towards growth.

I could hardly believe the success and feedback I got. Putting the lessons into practice was well worth it.
It was amazing. I experienced how running a business is much more than working seven days a week. It’s something much better, a larger equation.
And it all started with overcoming my limiting beliefs.

No doubt about it, you are asking yourself what you can expect. Here’s how it works:

Introducing the Level 1 Curriculum

Course Kick-Off: It’s Time to Begin!

After the kick-off and the warm welcome, we’ll jump right in. Now, let’s get started…

Lesson 1: Understanding Emotions in Business?

Together, we’ll investigate how – and what – emotions are linked to our businesses. Find out how your emotional well-being flows into your business-life. And how lack thereof impacts (and prevents!) growth.

If this intrigues you, then you’ll love what’s next. We will integrate what are called the two minds. 

The conscious and unconscious. Learn how your past experiences are stored in your psyche – and how this influences your behavior. In life – and in business. Even at this very moment.

Lesson 2: The Unconscous and Conscious Mind?

If the first lessiond intrigued you, then you’ll love this. We will integrate what are called the two minds. 

The conscious and unconscious. Learn how your past experiences are stored in your psyche – and how this influences your behavior. In life – and in business. Even at this very moment.

Lesson 3: Understanding  Limiting Beliefs in Business

You’ll gain a deeper insight into what’s holding you back. 

And that’s just part of the story, in this lesson we’ll also introduce you to the methods we use. 

But, before that, we’ll dive into cause & effect…


Lesson 4: Cause & Effect

Explore the influence of cause and effect. What it is, and how this equation is affecting your life. 


But, before that, we’ll first build your inner-strength by…

Lesson 5: Removing Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

Dive into the unconscious mind.

And with our guidance, discover the blockages that prevent you from truly believing in yourself. 

You’ll learn all about CET release and how to apply it. 

In short, it’ll help you remove your mental blocks. And that means moving one step closer to the success you long for.

Lesson 6: Two Mind Integration Prior to Release

Seven days of daily meditation. 

Let it open the path to a happier and fulfilling life.

A video a day to build the foundation to tackle the next lesson. 

And don’t you worry, anyone can do it. You’ll breeze right through.

Lesson 7: CET Release

The effective method that allows you to bring your negative emotions and limiting beliefs to the surface.

Learn how to release blocked feelings and reprogram your unconsciousness. 

Open yourself to vital insights and become truly empowered.

Life will never be the same.

Lesson 8: Reinforce Learnings

After we’ve opened the way through meditation and advanced coaching techniques, we’ll teach you how to maintain this change. 

Various exercises to prevent common pitfalls.

Everything you need to make the long-lasting change you’ve waited for.

Bonus Lesson: Ho’oponopono The Art Of Forgiveness

We wanted to keep this as a surprise… But only now we’re giving you a free bonus!

You’ll learn all about the Hawaiian way of forgiveness. A dive into a time-proven perspective that may very well be invaluable to you.

We can’t wait to see you apply the techniques. You won’t be disappointed.

In short, you’ll get…

A 6-lesson stepwise plan. In which you will experience personal growth, harmony, and the many rewards of living a fulfilled life. 

All of it expertly taught by Manroop, who has walked this very path you’re about to go on, herself. 

Who would be able to teach you better – than someone who was once in your shoes? 

Someone who’s overcome, and came out on the other – thriving – side. 

She’ll give you a mixture of teaching and practical work, taken at your own pace. At any time.

Why not listen to what Dr Lisa Turner, founder of the Psycademy has to say:

“Manroop has been an incredible student who I have been honoured to teach. 

Consistently motivated and inspired to create her life and business to have meaning and purpose, Manroop shows up with beliefs and values that serve the highest good of all.

Business owners working with Manroop have the inspired opportunity to be led through a process to release the negative behaviours and patterns which are holding them back and to create the lives and businesses they have always dreamt about.

Manroop has my full endorsement as a certified graduate of Spiritual Practitioner and my high-level programme Initiation. She is indeed a Visionary and Conscious Leader.” 

You could say you’re in the right hands!

~ Dr Lisa Turner, Founder of Psycademy

Lisa Turner

Karmjit Kaur, owner/director of KH Beauty Ltd., CoLaz Franchisee:

My ambition has always been to run my own business. However, every time I started a business it always ended up failing. I have had two failed attempts and in my third business I nearly lost everything. I was so upset and lost.

I have known Manroop for many years and when my husband and I wanted to venture into a new business, we thought of Manroop. The rest is history and we have been running a successful Colaz Franchise for 5 years now.

Manroop has taught me a lot and her training is truly transformational.

I now understand how my negative emotions and limiting beliefs were impacted my previous businesses. The biggest block was my fear of failure and which became a self-fulfilling prophecy in my previous businesses.

With the help of Manroop, I was able to understand what I was doing wrong. She supported me and showed me how to remove my negative emotions and beliefs. I still continue to grow and I have developed skills that I never thought I would have. Till this day I work on myself every day and use the CET release for any negative emotions and limiting beliefs that come up

I can absolutely recommend her business coaching to anyone who wishes to overcome negative feelings and make their business a success."


~ Karmjit Kaur

Lisa Turner

Without a doubt, you’ll have many questions. 

That’s why we’ve included the most common ones below:

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